Al ristorante

At the restaurant
Familiarize yourself with these words. Read them aloud several times to memorize them.
* In Italian, "tavolo" and "tavola" are two words that can both be translated as "table" in English, but they have slightly different meanings and usage.

  • "Tavolo" specifically refers to an object, such as a piece of furniture, that is used for supporting objects or for sitting around to have a meal. For example, "Prenotare un tavolo" translates to "to book a table." It refers to the act of making a reservation or securing a table at a restaurant or establishment.

  • "Tavola," on the other hand, refers to the idea of a table set for a meal, including the tabletop, utensils, dishes, etc. It is often associated with a formal occasion or special attention to table setting. For example, "Preparare la tavola" translates to "to set the table." It refers to the act of arranging and organizing the table with tableware, utensils, plates, and other items in preparation for a meal.

So, while both words can be translated as "table" in English, "tavolo" specifically indicates the object, while "tavola" implies the concept of a table set for a meal.