june 12th - july 31st, 2023 / online classes

Absolute Beginner Italian Course

Can You Imagine Speaking Italian?
Imagine the thrill of speaking Italian with your loved ones or connecting with locals during your trip to Italy. Whether you dream of living in a charming Italian village or pursuing a career in a vibrant city, confidently speaking Italian will bring your aspirations to life.

❌ Are you struggling to learn Italian despite hours of scouring the Internet?
❌ Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to focus on?
❌ Have you tried countless language learning apps without success?

✅ Structured and manageable lessons on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and communicative functions
✅ Interactive exercises and assignments for long-term success
✅ Lifetime access to the learning modules
Experience the Joy of Learning Italian
Learning a new language can feel overwhelming, especially when you're doing it alone. Many people lack the guidance they need to achieve their language learning goals, which can lead to frustration and confusion. But don't worry, you're not alone in feeling this way.

Whether you dream of speaking with Italian relatives, connecting with your heritage, or communicating with locals on a trip to Italy, learning Italian is within your reach.
My A1 Course is designed with you in mind, to help you achieve your language goals.

As your Italian certified teacher, I'll be here to guide you on a clear learning path that builds your confidence and helps you see daily progress. With structured and interactive lessons, you'll never feel lost or confused about what to do next.

So don't let doubt hold you back from achieving your dreams. You can learn Italian once and for all, and do it with ease and enjoyment.

Let's get started on this exciting journey together! Andiamo!
What students say
  • Paul D.H.
    Learning a new language can be tough, even if you've studied other languages before. Thankfully, Grace's course makes it fun and straightforward! Her lectures are easy to follow and understand. With her course, I've taken my first steps in learning Italian and feel very motivated to keep going.
  • Agatha M.
    Grace's method is much more effective than anything else I've tried before and I quickly realized the incredible value of the course. She corrects mistakes and encourages improvement, offering precious support and cheering you on every step of the way.
  • Will B.
    I'm absolutely thrilled to have stumbled upon your Italian program! As someone who's planning to retire in Italy, the course is so well-structured, and it's been a breeze to take notes and grasp the concepts.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, you'll be able to
  • Engage in basic Italian conversations and comprehend simple Italian texts or articles
  • Recognize and comprehend the underlying logic and structure of the Italian language
  • Communicate in practical scenarios that you may encounter in your daily life and express yourself with improved pronunciation
I'm Grace
I'm a certified native teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching Italian. I teach at the university level, renowned language schools and in multinational companies.

Having been a language learner myself, I understand the challenges of learning a foreign language. But as an experienced teacher, I'm here to provide you with the tools, tips and tricks to make the learning process smooth and enjoyable.

I'm truly passionate about my job and nothing makes me happier than seeing my students succeed.

I believe in creating a fun and enjoyable learning experience that inspires my students to reach their full potential.
Get ready to |
Join the growing family of Italian speakers
*Spots are limited to max 8 people. Tuition includes all required materials.